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“Yorubas are suffering in your government” — Igboho to Tinubu



"Yorubas are suffering in your government" -- Igboho to Tinubu

Yoruba Nation agitator and activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, expressed praise for President Bola Tinubu while also lamenting the ills facing Yorubas under the president’s administration.

While commending his initial actions in office and wishing him good health and a lengthy tenure, Sunday Igboho brought to Tinubu’s attention the issues that plague Yorubas and the Yoruba nation.

Speaking to Alaroye Online TV over the weekend, Igboho said;

“I pray for good health for President Bola Tinubu. He’s doing well, and so far he has been taking major steps to revamp the country. Many of the key appointments in key offices so far show he’s aware of things around him.”

He expressed hope that the President would utilize his potential two-term presidency to address the issues confronting the Yoruba people.

“I want President Tinubu to remember that Yorubas are suffering. He will definitely use 8 years. God will help him through the governance process. God will grant him a long life to be able to turn this country around,” Igboho remarked.

Providing insight into his own situation, Igboho revealed that he is currently in Germany with his family and emphasized that his primary focus remains in Nigeria. Despite being a car dealer since 1996, he stressed the importance of his work being in Nigeria.

Addressing the challenges he faced during the Yoruba Nation struggle, including the destruction of his properties and the loss of lives, including that of his mother, Igboho expressed deep concern and pain.

He acknowledged that his mother’s death weighed heavily on him and appealed to God for strength to bury her.

“I will bury my mother soon; I will come home (Nigeria) soon. I do not regret that I led the Yoruba Nation’s struggle. I want to call on all of us to be in unity,” Igboho urged, emphasizing the importance of unity among the Yoruba people.