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Be careful, do not make same mistake as Buhari – Shehu Sani advises Tinubu



Shehu Sani advises Tinubu

Former politician Shehu Sani, who served as the senator for Kaduna Central in the Eighth National Assembly, told President Bola Tinubu not to make the same mistake that President Muhammadu Buhari did.

He told the president to make sure that the people he hires are qualified.

In an appearance with Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, Sani said this.

The former lawmaker said that nepotism was at its worst during Buhari’s eight-year rule, from May 2015 to May 2023.

Sani said, “I will advise President Tinubu to be careful not to make the mistakes of President Buhari, and I believe he is experienced to understand this.

“Under Presdient Buhari, you have ministers that were appointed into office for the whole of eight years; they were with him for the first tenure and the second tenure, and there was no cabinet reshuffle, no removal. Even if there was a removal, it takes three to four months to replace a minister. That was the way the country was governed.

“Under Buhari, we have seen nepotism at its peak where people were appointed into office and left there even if they did nothing.

“Service chiefs were retained in office despite their failures, and by retaining them, you destroyed the careers of those behind them. For many years, many officers were retired to appoint one person.”

He said if Tinubu is interested in results, competence should be his watchword.

If this country has to move forward, we must treat the issue of competency as the qualification for appointment,” he said.

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