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TopNaija Stories: Iloanya Abuchi Vincent, CEO, Abuchi Limited





Iloanya Abuchi Vincent is the CEO/founder of Abuchi Limited, an international  kitchen and home equipment company that retails a range of catering and baking machines. In this revealing interview, he talks about his passion for business, the inspiring story behind the rise of his company, starting small and leveraging media to reach and add value to his increasing list of clientele. 


In your own words, how would you describe Abuchi?

Abuchi is the short form of Mmadaburuchukwu, which means there is no one like God.

Tell us about your biggest dream as a child while growing up

While growing up, I have always wanted to be an international business man. That has always been my passion, and I’m so glad everything is falling in place.

When and how did you start your company Abuchi Limited?

I started Abuchi limited officially in 2016. It was a very hard one, after 7 years of learning and undergoing training for the business, I started very small. I didn’t have an office, shop or warehouse. I was running from one commercial shop searching for customers to buy my Abutex Sharwama Machine because that’s like my best seller back in the days. We have since evolved into what is now widely known as Abutex.

What does Abuchi Limited do?

Abuchi limited is a super brand that basically specializes in dealing with industrial kitchen, laundry equipment and industrial oven.

Tell us about the experience during first year in business.

My first year in business was really hectic. I cried at some point, I always knew I was made to do business and for whatever reason I was never afraid, only kept pushing.

How did you navigate low moments when you felt like giving up?

I usually draw inspiration from successful business men. I also knew I had younger ones and family to take care of, so giving up never featured on my options!

How would you measure the impact of your art since starting out?

A lot of people love the fact that they can buy affordable and quality machines from me right here in Nigeria, and we also do giveaways! This way, I’m able to give back to the society in my own way.

At what point did you take your brand online, and what prompted this decision?

I heard about digital marketing in 2017. Since then, I have seen a lot of people do it, so I decided to give it a trial starting out with Jiji online. This opened my eyes to the goldmine that the internet is.

Tell us about making your first one million naira. When and how did you make your first million?

That was also in 2017, after I sold out my locally made Abutex Sharwama machines. It was a great feeling and we haven’t looked back ever since.

What marked the turning point for you, in terms of influence and income?

I would say social media, Instagram to be precise has been a game-changer for us.

What parts of your business do you find most interesting?

Taking orders is really interesting, especially when the orders are coming from alot of people. I find it interesting and fulfilling serving this way, while making a living.

For a startup entrepreneur looking to model you kind of business, what would you tell them?

Be very focused, consistent and pay attention to every detail.

Who are your competitors in the industry and what makes you uniquely different from others?

The people in the same line of business with me, but I think my marketing strategy is the bomb that stands me out.

Who has had the biggest impact on your business and why?

I would say the celebrities that buy from me. They advertise the products to their followers and I gain lots of fans and clients this way.

How do you plan to build business systems and structure around your craft?

Generally, my plans are really confidential for now but they would soon be made public once actualized.

If you were to start another business today, what would be the top two options?

It would be interior and exterior decoration, Turkish doors and chairs and real estate.


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