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Lock-up shop turns multi-billion real estate business – Sunday Olorunsheyi shares Pertinence Group’s amazing story

Raised from a far below average family, today, Sunday Olorunsheyi is a globally recognised real estate expert and serial entrepreneur; deeply involved in social impact activities creating impeccable opportunities for Nigerians in the real estate sector. But for this bold, audacious, and resilient man, the road to success hasn’t always been smooth and easy; it has come with its own peculiar challenges of striving to discover himself, the need to remain authentic, and the determination to stay focused on delivering a powerful vision.

Sunday Olorunsheyi takes Isaac on a tour of his life’s journey


Sunday Olorunsheyi is co-founder of Pertinence Group, a thriving Real Estate, Enterprise Development and People Empowerment Company working to solve Nigeria’s housing deficit and poverty challenges. Exactly seven years ago, Olorunsheyi and his partner Wisdom Ezekiel saw that rapid urbanisation and evolving demographic trends were driving high property demand, development and growth opportunities across Africa’s real estate industry. They quickly dived in.

Sunday Olorunsheyi with the TopNaija.ng Team


According to Olorunsheyi, when it comes to real estate business, the numbers can be very huge but that doesn’t always mean profit. What results in profit is how the numbers are managed. Armed with dogged focus, excellent management skills and a N250,000 loan, they grew their critically-mocked lock-up shop into a multi-billion real estate business with over 3000 partners and multiple locations across the world. In this tell all TopNaija Stories interview with Isaac Oladipupo, Olorunsheyi reveals the untold story of Pertinence’s rise from a lock-up shop to a flourishing multi-billion naira company.













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  1. Wow this is awe-amazing, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm see how what started with 250 turned billions. I just don’t have an excuse anymore! Not anymore!

  2. Amazing story! There are opportunities in Africa for those who can see differently. Thanks for publishing this, TopNaija.


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