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“I Want to put my name in Guinness Book of Records” — Tinubu



"I Want to put my name in Guinness Book of Records" -- Tinubu

After celebrity Chef, Hilda Baci inspired the Guinness Book of World Records wave in Nigeria, it seems the Nigerian president, Bola Tinubu himself wants to get in on the action as he too has similar ideas regarding his administration as Nigeria’s First man.

In an address to Nigerians in Germany today, President Bola Tinubu expressed his determination to carve a place in the Guinness Book of Records by spearheading immediate reforms upon assuming office.

Leveraging his private sector background and citing his successful tenure as the former Governor of Lagos State, Tinubu underscored his commitment to instigating transformational changes. Highlighting Lagos’s ascendancy to the position of the 5th largest economy in Africa during his gubernatorial tenure, he emphasized his track record in fostering economic growth.

The President affirmed that he has already set reforms in motion and pledged relentless efforts toward improving the lives of Nigerians. Tinubu’s address resonated with his promise of continued initiatives aimed at elevating the standard of living for citizens.

According to the Nigerian president, his intentions to etch his name in the Guinness Book of Records stem from his fervent dedication to implementing immediate reforms upon assuming the presidency, echoing the aspirations of the electorate who voted him in for his reformative agenda.