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House of Representatives to probe presidential air fleet failures



Presidential Air Fleet nigeria

The House of Representatives has taken a decisive step to investigate the recurring failures of the Presidential Air Fleet, leading to the reliance on chartered flights by the President and Vice President for official engagements.

The committee on National Security has been tasked with probing the reasons behind the fleet’s inability to perform optimally, which has raised concerns about the security and safety of the nation’s top leaders.

The decision to launch the investigation follows incidents such as Vice President Kashim Shettima’s cancellation of a trip to the United States due to aircraft faults and President Bola Tinubu’s use of a chartered plane for international travel.

Lawmakers expressed dismay over the embarrassing situation, especially considering the significant budget allocated for the maintenance of the Presidential Air Fleet.

During deliberations, there were diverse opinions on the matter.

Some suggested that the President should travel by road to understand the state of the nation’s infrastructure better.

Others argued that using commercial flights, like British Prime Minister flying British Airways, could be a viable alternative.

Despite differing views, there was consensus that the investigation by the National Security committee should proceed to identify the root causes of the fleet’s operational challenges and propose sustainable solutions.

The Deputy Speaker emphasized the committee’s role in conducting the probe, indicating that bringing the motion before the entire House was unnecessary.

As the probe unfolds, attention will be focused on addressing the deficiencies in the Presidential Air Fleet to ensure the safety and security of Nigeria’s top leadership while restoring national pride in the country’s aviation sector.

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