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Go get a life, baby girl — Daddy Freeze to Rachel Edwards



Go get a life, baby girl -- Daddy Freeze to Rachel Edwards

Popular media personality Daddy Freeze is never one to hide his opinion especially when it deals with social issues or reacting to some social narratives that concerns societal trends.

Following a recent argument trailing the social media space ignited by former BBNaija contestant Rachel Edwards, Daddy Freeze has engaged in a heated exchange with the ex-reality star following her controversial remarks about men’s salaries.

Edwards, known for her stint on the reality show, stirred the pot when she advised women not to settle for men earning N800,000 per month, deeming it insufficient.

In a social media post, Edwards cautioned women against accepting partners with salaries below N800,000, asserting that such income levels were inadequate to sustain a comfortable lifestyle in Lagos.

She went further to quip that the cost of one of her wigs could easily exhaust a man’s entire monthly earnings at that level.

Her comments sparked a backlash, with Daddy Freeze stepping into the fray to express his disapproval.

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The outspoken media personality admonished Edwards for advocating materialistic standards and suggested that she pursue employment if she desires a luxurious lifestyle instead of relying on men.

Daddy Freeze’s criticism didn’t stop there, as he also questioned Edwards’ qualifications as an “8/10” lady, implying that she falls short of such standards.

The online altercation attracted reactions from social media users, with some echoing Daddy Freeze’s sentiments, while others criticized Edwards for her remarks. Comments ranged from questioning her employability to attributing her statements to her participation in the reality show.

“Get a job baby girl if you want to fund the soft life, or be an 8/10 at least, which sadly you aren’t…,” Freeze wrote.