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“I have been receiving death threats over Mohbad” — Daddy Showkey



"I have been receiving death threats for my opinion on Mohbad's death" -- Daddy Showkey raises alarm.

I have been receiving death threats for my opinion on Mohbad’s death” — Daddy Showkey raises alarm.

Renowned Nigerian singer, John Odafe Asiemo, popularly known as Daddy Showkey, has disclosed that he has been inundated with death threats after making contentious statements about the recent death of fast-rising artist Mohbad, who passed away under mysterious circumstances on September 12, 2023.

Daddy Showkey’s controversial remarks were made during an interview with media personality Daddy Freeze. In the interview, he implicated influential figures within the music industry and society, suggesting their involvement in the rapper’s demise.

Returning to Daddy Freeze’s Instagram Live session on Monday night, Daddy Showkey revealed that he had been subjected to threats from various quarters, including government officials, since his previous comments on Mohbad’s untimely death.

He stated,

“Daddy Freeze, do you know that after my last interview with you, I received a multitude of death threats? Do you know that even individuals within the government were issuing threats against me?

“I simply urged them to watch your interview. Did I say anything untrue? I am speaking the truth. You wouldn’t believe the ordeal I went through. I didn’t get a wink of sleep that night. The threats just kept pouring in.”

“Daddy Freeze, I can’t fathom what you must be enduring with all these endeavors you’re involved in. The threats directed at me were so severe that it makes me wonder about your situation,” Daddy Showkey added.

The singer’s remarks have generated widespread attention and concern within Nigeria, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing and the potential involvement of influential individuals in the music industry and society.

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