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Dear Mr. Klopp, you are wasted in Football—Former Tony Blair Spokesman writes Liverpool Manager



“Why can’t politicians be more like Jurgen Klopp?” Alastair Campbell, former Britain’s Prime Minister’s spokesman asks as he pens a letter to the Liverpool Manager in a column of The New European.

Jurgen Klopp, ever since he took on center stage as Liverpool Manager, has cut himself a charismatic figure in the football world, even drawing praise and sometimes criticisms from all across the world, particularly for his charisma on and off the field.

And this time, it is no different that Campbell who had once served as communications director under the administration of Former U. K Prime Minister; Tony Blair has decided to write the man a letter published in both English and the German’s native language.  He singles the man’s personality for praise and laments the lack of personality like Jurgen Klopp’s in a political environment where his person really stood a chance at making a difference.

It is no news that Klopp has taken on some serious matters or topics in his press conferences and interviews during his time at Liverpool, ranging from his opinion on Brexit, COVID 19 and many others, bringing into view his outlook on political topics and his concern as a genuine person, much to the admiration of Campbell.

The British activist writes: “When Covid-19 entered our lives, you immediately understood the seriousness of the situation. You said this is more important than football – a message not to be underestimated in this football-crazy city that is Liverpool. And a city that hates authority, and where many people were willing to turn down the vaccine, heard from you that getting it was important. Leadership!” praising the German’s influence in reaching the minds of an otherwise hesitant population regarding the issue of the Vaccine.

Campbell also cites the Manager’s input in the Hillsborough memorial, an anniversary that marked the deaths of 97 Liverpool supporters, and his passion for the club and its supporters, writing: “I love your passion for football, for your players, for the fans, for the city and its history. You understand why the Hillsborough 97 are, and always will be, so important, you understand why The Sun will never be welcome in Liverpool, you understand the importance of football in the life of the city, not just Liverpool FC, but Everton, Tranmere, and hundreds of amateur clubs.”

He also brings up the German’s connection with his players, mentioning the interview he had with Trent Alexander Arnold, and the player’s comments regarding the Liverpool Manager, “He keeps our mentality 100%. He makes sure that the message is instilled in us every single day to make sure that we’re our best.”

Alastair Campbell ends his letter thanking Klopp for his contributions to the English society and also wishing politicians can learn from the personality of the German towards building a genuine connection with the people they govern. Campbell did not fail to wish the German well in his pursuit for the Quadruple as the season nears a close.

You can read the full letter here: