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Five Confirmed Dead As Residents Extorts Fuel From Fallen Tanker In Kwara



Five Confirmed Dead As Residents Extorts Fuel From Fallen Tanker In Kwara

Five individuals are said to have lost their lives when a fuel-laden truck crashed in Kwara State’s Moro Local Government Area.

According to TopNaija, in addition to the five fatalities, numerous more were wounded and are currently fighting for their lives in different hospitals around the state.

Hassan Hakeem Adekunle, spokesperson for the Kwara Fire department, confirmed the event, saying the fire was handled by the Jebba Paper Mill’s fire department.

Five Confirmed Dead As Residents Extorts Fuel From Fallen Tanker In Kwara

He also stated that numerous individuals were hurt, and that some of those injured died at the hospital.

“But I cannot put a figure to the casualties now,” he said.

TopNaija also gathered that the petroleum products in the fallen tanker leaked out after the incident, and some daredevil residents went in and scooped the petroleum products from gutters and other places it spilled into.

According to an eyewitness, around an hour and a half after the event, owners of automobiles parked nearby moved them away to avoid any injuries.

The source narrated that “After the petrol tanker fell, some of the product found its way into the gutter and was ignited as it flowed along a fire from some residents cooking outside.

“Two children that went to fetch water were torched along the way, killing one in the process. The second is still battling for life in the hospital.

“A man who went to defecate in a nearby bush, oblivious of the development, was burnt in the process, and about three people who were still scooping the product when the fire returned through the gutter path were burnt to ashes.

“It was the next day that we discovered their charred bodies. But we have about five deaths while around seven people have been injured so far.”

According to the source some of the victims who were rushed to the hospital later died, while others were transferred to UITH in Ilọrin because of the severity of their burns.

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