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FFP is why Manchester United can’t Win games — Erik ten Hag



FFP is why Manchester United can't Win games -- Erik ten Hag

Manchester United boss, Erik ten Hag is picking a lot of issues with the Financial Fair Play regulations.

According to the Dutchman, FFP is the reason for Manchester United’s inconsistency this season as he blames the regulations for holding off the premier league club from competing like its fellow English counterparts.

Ahead of Manchester United’s premier league clash today versus Luton Town, the Dutchman expressed his beef with the team not being able to win a consistent number of games due to not being able to spend like the others.

Ten Hag lamented the missed opportunity to capitalize on last season’s third-place finish, attributing the setback to budget constraints imposed by the necessity to balance the club’s financial books.

The former Ajax boss in quotes said;

“When we were in the summer, I think we had very good momentum. We had finished third, we won one final, and were in another final.

“Then we chose to bring in young players for the future – and that had to do with FFP.”

This comes after Manchester United failed to put in a bid for Tottenham Hotspur striker, Harry Kane prior to the late move from Bayern Munich to poach the England international from the premier league.

“That was the choice we made – but you then know it will take longer before you can come into the competition for the top positions in the Premier League or Champions League.”

Erik ten Hag’s defense however, is flawed considering how much the 20-times premier league champions spent on transfers following his arrival at the club.