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Foreign Secretary, Elizabeth Truss calls for new approach towards quelling Russia Flames



The Russia-Ukraine conflict has been one crisis the world has grown to live with this couple of months, with both sides unable to come to terms towards ending the war flames any time soon. And to that effect, The Secretary of State for Foreign Commonwealth and Development Affairs; Mary Elizabeth Truss, has called in for new measures to be taken against Russia.

In her speech, Truss calls on the West to take a stand against Russia and improve on Ukrainian military might by providing Kyiv the necessary armory needed to take on Russia.

She posits that Russian President, Vladmir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine should come as a revelation to the West on the need to shake up the International Structures that had failed to contain Russia’s actions against Ukraine. The Foreign Secretary is of the opinion that tougher measures by the Western world need to be imposed on Russia to economically isolate them “once and for all” from its oil and gas imports.

Liz Truss argues that there has been a degree of under-investment in the West, and that a new approach should recognize, “the return of geopolitics”.

“There must be nowhere for Putin to go to fund this appalling war” she maintains in her speech at the Mansion House in London. “And let’s be clear—if Putin succeeds, there will be untold further misery across Europe and terrible consequences across the globe…” she adds, in her defense on why the Western World should double down on their support for Ukraine. “Our new approach will be based on three areas: military strength, economic security and deeper global alliances.”

Russia, on the other hand, through its Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has warned that weapons supplied by NATO would be seen as “a legitimate target” and would mean the Western world has “entered into a war with Russia by proxies”