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Elon Musk Set To Return Verification Badges Without $8 monthly fee



Twitter CEO Elon Musk has reportedly announced that he will  return the coveted blue check marks to certain celebrities, even if they are not paying the $8 monthly fee.

This move by Musk has been met with mixed reactions from both Twitter users and the wider public. Some have applauded him for standing up against what they perceive as Twitter’s unfair treatment of verified accounts, while others have criticized him for using his influence to circumvent the platform’s rules.

It’s worth noting that Twitter’s verification process is designed to confirm the authenticity of high-profile accounts, such as those belonging to celebrities, public figures, and organizations. Verification badges are intended to signal to other users that the account in question is genuine and not a fake or impersonation.

Twitter Blue, on the other hand, is a subscription service that offers additional features and perks to users who are willing to pay for them. These include the ability to undo tweets, access to exclusive content, and ad-free browsing.

It remains to be seen whether Twitter will take any action in response to Musk’s actions, or if this will set a precedent for other high-profile users to follow. For now, the situation is a reminder of the power dynamics at play on social media platforms, and the ongoing struggle to balance transparency, authenticity, and profitability.

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