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‘Help Your Favourite Celebrity’ – Elon Musk



Business Tycoon and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has removed twitter verification symbol on the twitter accounts of most celebrities and introduced a ‘Go fund’ account that requires fans to pay $8 for their favourite celebrity to be verified again.


Elon announced this few hours ago in response to a Twitter influencer, Edkrassan and this response has caused a lot of reactions on social media.

Celebrities of the world have shared opinion concerning their dissatisfaction of the removal of their verification symbol but the CEO turned deaf ears and insisted on their $8 payment to get back their verification symbol.

Celebrities just as emphasized by Edkrassen are left with the strong decision of either  paying off the $8 to get back their verified account or remove their twitter accounts completely.

In the comment section, there is more disagreement among the people about this new Twitter decision but the tycoon obviously is going to remain in his new Twitter instruction irrespective of the negative opinion of these people.

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