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Dirty Nigerian Politicians using Celebrities to Garner Votes



Dirty Nigerian Politicians using Celebrities to Garner Votes

Nigerian politicians now using influential celebrities to twist public opinion ahead of the 2023 general elections as allegations of bribes being offered trails the internet.

The Nigerian political scene if it hasn’t been said before, it should be very much known now that it has not the best of atmosphere in the world neither does it any shred of fairness or dignity.

It’s politicians, aren’t the brightest of the shed to say the least, which to a stretch all boils down to how its elites views its citizenry.

Just as Nigerian politicians parade themselves as gullible elites who play parlour tricks in the political scene, they are of the opinion that the citizens too should be as gullible as they are and dance to the lyrics or movements of their rhythm.

The wide rumors parading the Nigerian atmosphere at the moment reveals that some specific Nigerian politicians which is yet to be verified have began to enlist certain Nigerian celebrities to voice support for them in order to sway electoral votes in the coming presidential polls.

It can be recalled that recently some Nigerian celebrities, particularly those within the Nollywood industry, mostly veterans have all voiced support for a specific candidate in the running for the 2023 Presidential elections.

And if carefully monitored by Nigerians, it can be noticed that all bear a certain appeal to a specific demography that is intended to be targeted or cajoled in order to amass votes from.

Dirty Nigerian Politicians using Celebrities to Garner Votes

This follows reports that just weeks ago, the religious card was played as some Catholic priests and bishops, showed up to endorse the candidacy of Ibrahim Shettima as the running mate of former Lagos State governor, Mr. Bola Tinubu who aspires for the presidency.

The Christian Association of Nigeria openly came out to debunk the reports, claiming the so-called priests and bishops were not members of the Christian union.

There even came the allegations of ordinary citizens being dressed up as clergymen all to be recorded to send a message to the electorates and political oppositions.

Following such moves, comes the report that celebrities were now being sought for to campaign on the center stage in order to portray an agenda that Nigerian politicians badly want to set to the average Nigerian.

The celebrity whose name is now being mentioned and at the moment gained popularity on social media is comical actor, Nkem Owoh, otherwise known as Osuofia.

Nkem Owoh is alleged to have been sought after for a N10 million bribe to endorse a political candidate, which from reports he rejected on the stance of maintaining personal dignity in the public eye.

Dirty Nigerian Politicians using Celebrities to Garner Votes

This has led to a lot of reactions from social media, mostly mixed with some praising the Nigerian actor while others condemned the reports.

Celebrities endorsing presidential candidates for the upcoming Presidential elections, can be traced when Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wrote a lengthy piece celebrating former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi and endorsing him for President of Nigeria.

Peter Okoye of the former P Square has been also vocal about his support for Peter Obi on his social media, whereas most recently, veteran actors like Zack Orji have learnt their voice for the All Progressives Congress’ candidate, Mr. Bola Tinubu.

Perhaps like a typical Nollywood stage, these all are performance and scripted acts that the Nigerian electorate shouldn’t take seriously or be fooled by when going to cast their votes.