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“Dino does not kill people like Yahaya Bello” — Atiku



"Dino does not kill people like Yahaya Bello" -- Atiku

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar has endorsed Dino Melaye, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the upcoming governorship election in Kogi State over the handpicked candidate of Yahaya Bello, stating that Melaye has the potential to be one of the country’s best governors if elected.

This endorsement came during a mega rally organized by the PDP in Lokoja, Kogi State, on Thursday.

Atiku, a prominent political figure in Nigeria, spoke highly of Dino Melaye, emphasizing their long-standing working relationship since 1999.

According to Atiku, Melaye has proven himself to be a reliable, diligent, intelligent, and patriotic individual. He urged the people of Kogi to cast their votes in favor of Melaye in the forthcoming election.

In his address, Atiku also drew a contrast between Melaye and the current administration led by Governor Yahaya Bello, suggesting that Melaye does not engage in actions such as harming people, which he implied is happening under the present leadership in Kogi State.

"Dino does not kill people like Yahaya Bello" -- Atiku

“Dino is committed, determined, courageous, and well-focused. He doesn’t kill people like what the present administration is doing in Kogi State. I am appealing to you to come out and vote for PDP and defend your vote,” Atiku affirmed.

Furthermore, Atiku criticized Yahaya Bello for allegedly preventing the PDP from using the Confluence Stadium Lokoja for their campaign rally.

He stated that it was time to remove the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) from power in Kogi State to put an end to what he described as unfavorable policies.

“They denied us the use of the stadium in Osun State, and we later used the party office for our rally. In the end, PDP ousted them from the Government House.

“Now they denied us the use of the Confluence Stadium Lokoja and booked all the hotels just to stop us from coming here. Despite what they did, you all still came to the party Secretariat to show solidarity and support for Senator Dino Melaye,” Atiku concluded.