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Desist from politics, else you fail – Group warns Governor Fubara



Siminalayi Fubara

Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Rivers State, Governor Siminalayi Fubara has received crucial advice from the Ogoni Solidarity Forum. The National Coordinator of the Forum, Celestine Akpobari, while speaking with journalists in Port Harcourt, urged Governor Fubara to shift his focus away from national politics and concentrate on the development of Rivers State.

Akpobari, known for his work as an environmental activist, emphasized that involvement in national politics could be detrimental to the state’s resources and development. He strongly advised the governor to avoid being drawn into national political affairs if he aims to leave a lasting positive legacy. Akpobari suggested that Governor Fubara should leverage the current support he has from the people of Rivers State to explore and develop the state’s potential in green economy and tourism sectors.

Highlighting the need for balanced development, Akpobari urged the governor to extend development efforts beyond the state capital, Port Harcourt. He pointed out the importance of breaking the ‘one-city state syndrome’ and fostering growth in other parts of Rivers State.

In addition to Akpobari’s advice, Reverend Probel Williams, the Leader of the Ogoni Peoples Assembly, called on the elders of Rivers State to intervene in the ongoing crisis. He appealed to those he accused of fuelling the crisis to cease their actions and allow for peace. Reverend Williams condemned the current political situation, labeling it as both avoidable and an embarrassment.

These statements reflect a growing concern among community leaders and activists in Rivers State about the focus of their governance and the need for inclusive and equitable development across the entire state. They underscore the importance of local governance in addressing the specific needs of the state’s diverse communities, especially in a resource-rich region like Rivers State.

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