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Cubana Chief Priest: Nigerians divided



Cubana Chief Priest: Nigerians divided

The decision to grant a ₦10 million bail to socialite Pascal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, following his plea of not guilty to allegations of naira abuse, has sparked widespread reactions, particularly on social media.

Appearing before Justice Kehinde Ogundare of the Federal High Court, Lagos, on Wednesday, Cubana Chief Priest faced a three-count charge from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), relating to the misuse of the Naira.

Despite his plea of innocence, the court granted him bail, setting the amount at ₦10 million, with two sureties of similar financial standing, who must be employed by either the federal or state government, not below grade level 16.

The decision regarding Cubana Chief Priest’s bail prompted comparisons to the case of controversial crossdresser Bobrisky, who faced similar charges but was denied bail before his trial. Social media users expressed confusion and frustration over what they perceived as disparate treatment for similar offenses.

On various platforms, commentators questioned the fairness of the legal system, highlighting discrepancies between Cubana Chief Priest’s bail and Bobrisky’s detention. Some speculated on potential ulterior motives behind the differing outcomes, suggesting that Bobrisky’s case might have been influenced by factors beyond the alleged offense.

While some users pointed out the procedural differences between Cubana Chief Priest’s plea and Bobrisky’s admission of guilt, others emphasized the need for clarity on the rationale behind the contrasting legal decisions.

The debate surrounding the bail granted to Cubana Chief Priest reflects broader concerns about equality and transparency within the judicial process, particularly in cases involving high-profile individuals.