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EFCC raid on Lagos hotels: shocking video, outrage



EFCC raid on Lagos hotels: shocking video, outrage

A disturbing video has surfaced online, purportedly showing officials from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) conducting a raid on Annex and Regional hotels in Isashi Ojo, Lagos.

The incident reportedly involved officials breaking into rooms, assaulting both guests and workers, and allegedly stealing personal belongings including ATM cards, money, and phones.

The video, which has sparked widespread outrage, shows EFCC officials engaging in aggressive behaviour, including sporadic shootings that resulted in injuries to innocent customers. According to reports, numerous individuals were arrested during the raid.

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In one instance captured on CCTV, EFCC officials are seen entering a room occupied by hotel staff, including the manager who was reportedly assaulted after being awakened around 4 a.m.

The hotel management had installed cameras in staff areas to monitor and prevent unauthorized activities, though these measures did not extend to all parts of the premises.

There is anticipation that the EFCC may issue a statement either denying their involvement in the incident or disputing the identity of the personnel seen in the footage.

The fate of the individuals allegedly arrested and taken to EFCC offices in Lagos remains uncertain, pending further developments.

Authorities and the public alike await clarification and accountability regarding this disturbing incident.


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