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Check Out Hollywood Celebrities That Were Born On Christmas Eve



Christmas Eve is beloved by many people, but there’s an even smaller group of people who this holiday is extra special for. As we know, babies will be born whenever they’re ready, and some of those kids will come into the world on Dec. 24! So today, not only are we celebrating Christmas Eve – we’re also celebrating the birthdays of celebs like Louis Tomlinson and Ricky Martin!

Louis Tomlinson: The Former member of One Direction was born on Dec. 24, 1991, meaning that he turned 27 today. Last year, One Direction fans received a special Christmas present in the form of a virtual reunion of the boyband members. Niall Horan posted a photo of himself with the birthday boy on Instagram, captioning it, “Happy birthday Tommo! Have a great birthday and Christmas .”

But Louis isn’t the only celebrity who celebrates their birthday on Dec. 24. Ricky turned 47 today, while Ryan Seacrest just took his 44th trip around the sun. Want to see who else is getting double presents this Christmas Eve?

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Director Lee Daniels was born on Christmas Eve in 1959.

Stephenie Meyer, who infamously wrote the ‘Twilight’ series, celebrates her birthday on Christmas Eve. She was born in 1973.

The late Kate Spade was born on Dec. 24, 1962. She sadly died on June 5, 2018

Ryan Seacrest was also born on December 24th but in 1974