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“No boyfriend until 2041” – Father places pen and paper before daughter, signs a confidential agreement (Video)



A man, whose name has not been disclosed, took a rather unusual approach by giving a pen and paper to his teenage daughter and asking her to sign an agreement concerning her future relationships.

The father was captured in a video as he handed the paper and pen to his daughter, and then posed for the camera.

Father signs confidential agreement with teenage daughter


Before handing over the pen and paper, the daughter was seen seated facing a note on the table, bearing the inscription ‘No boyfriend until 2041.’

The video depicts a happy young girl who willingly signed her name on a piece of paper and posed with her father for the camera.

Since the video was posted, it has sparked various reactions and opinions among viewers who have taken to the comments section to express their thoughts.

See some reactions below: 

@koregeous: “I hope he also added a release clause of 20 million euros. In fact let me go and draft up my own contract right now.”

@adeniji_ireti: “Headline in 2035 will be “ Daughter sues father for Human right infringement.”

@GOLDENS62422275: “She messed up how would you signed a contract without involving ur lawyer or manager.”

@ichiBACK1: “Men that are financially stable are playful. Don’t be angry with struggling parents who don’t have fun with thier kids.”

@chrisnkang: “Man is scared of what he did while he was a teenager. Karma be giving him sleepless nights.”


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