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Carlo Ancelotti wants to build an Ancelotti dynasty at Real Madrid



Carlo Ancelotti wants to build an Ancelotti dynasty at Real Madrid

Talk about highly successful managers in European football, Carlo Ancelotti is very much underrated, which for some reason comes as a surprise to many.

Perhaps his tactical genius is lost behind the fact that the manager many times may not play the most stylish patterns or engage in media rhetoric to boost his popularity or something.

But one way or the other, the Italian keeps doing his thing under the radar.

And now, the former AC Milan and Everton manager has revealed he is slowly schooling his boy, Davide who is his son and an assistant coach at Real Madrid, the Ancelotti way.

It’s the classic royal way of thinking in that he sees his son one day taking over the Carlo Ancelotti coaching dynasty when he retires and one day building a legacy for himself in football management.

Carlo Ancelotti wants to build an Ancelotti dynasty at Real Madrid

For Davide, he isn’t far off it as he is carefully going through the coaching process by serving as an assistant coach at Real Madrid.

Carlo Ancelotti recently built on his profile by winning the UEFA Super Cup with Real Madrid by beating Eintracht Frankfurt on Wednesday to make it the 4th time Madrid were stealing the trophy home.

Real Madrid in the span of a year have won the La Liga, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup titles with the UEFA Super Cup adding to it.

In his 27 years of football management, the UEFA Super Cup makes it the 24th trophy he is clinching his hands on, and right now, he holds the record of being the manager to lift the trophy 4 times.

Speaking to reports about his legacy and his son, Don Carlo Ancelotti said:

“He’s an assistant, for sure, he’ll be a coach in the future.”

Who knows, may be the idea is for Davide to be the next Real Madrid manager to continue a line of succession. If it doesn’t happen in Real Madrid, there is always the AC Milan.

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