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Jude Bellingham scares Liverpool fans with Instagram post



Jude Bellingham scares Liverpool fans with Instagram post

Liverpool fans have nothing to fear but Jude Bellingham himself…

The aftermath of Jurgen Klopp’s exit has left Liverpool vulnerable and has made fans wary of the club’s future as rumors surround a lot of their players ahead of the 2024/25 season.

However, Real Madrid star, Jude Bellingham has taken that fear to new heights with his social media activities as Liverpool fans worry over the long term future of their Scouse sensation — Trent Alexander-Arnold. What are the odds that the famed wonder-kid now turned man would ditch the Red kit for a White one soon?

The England squad including Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jude Bellingham traveled to Germany on Monday for the summer tournament, arriving at their training base in the evening after playing two friendlies in preparation for their campaign opener against Serbia on Sunday.

Jude Bellingham scares Liverpool fans with Instagram post

Their bromance is starting to scare the wrong people for the right reasons…

As images and videos of the team boarding the plane circulated online, one particular post by Real Madrid star Bellingham caught the attention of Liverpool supporters. Bellingham shared a collaborated Instagram post featuring himself alongside Liverpool’s Alexander-Arnold, which quickly set social media abuzz.

Liverpool fans, dubbing Bellingham “Agent Jude,” speculated that the post could signify a potential move for Alexander-Arnold to Real Madrid. This comes amid ongoing reports of hooligans targeting English fans, prompting police warnings for the tournament.

This shouldn’t be happening to us — Liverpool fans panic on Twitter.

A user on X (formerly Twitter) expressed their worry, saying,

“No but how much is it going to backfire if Trent laid groundwork to get Bellingham to Liverpool a few years ago, but instead Bellingham gets Trent to go to Real Madrid instead.”

Another fan tweeted, “Bro if Trent ever goes to Real Madrid….. It will break my heart.”

The speculation follows a year of reversed roles. Before Bellingham joined Real Madrid, he was heavily courted by Liverpool, with Alexander-Arnold appearing to play a role in trying to convince him to move to Anfield. Now, fans fear Bellingham might be tempting Alexander-Arnold to leave the Premier League for La Liga.