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Canada introduces family reunification policy, sets example for UK



Nigerians Africans families in Canada

The Canadian government has introduced a new policy aimed at expediting the approval of family reunification applications.

This is following the UK government’s recent decision to prohibit students from Nigeria and other foreign countries on study visas from bringing their families to the UK. Sean Fraser, Canada’s minister of immigration, made the announcement, highlighting the country’s efforts to facilitate family reunification.

Under the new system, it will be simpler for spouses, children, and parents of recent immigrants to relocate to Canada. Notably, the minister of immigration stated that nearly all spouse and child applications for temporary residence visas (TRV) have been approved well in advance. The implementation of cutting-edge technology and analytics enables the processing of requests for TRV for family members of citizens and permanent residents in less than 30 days.

The new policy offers several measures to support family reunification. Firstly, it ensures faster processing times for spousal applicants seeking temporary resident visas (TRV). Secondly, it provides new and dedicated processing tools specifically designed for spousal TRV applicants. Moreover, it introduces an open work permit for spousal and family class applicants, allowing them to work in Canada. Additionally, it grants open work permit extensions for individuals whose permits are set to expire between August 1st and the end of 2023.

It is important to note that the Canadian policy differs significantly from the new migration policy recently announced by the UK government. The UK policy restricts Nigerians and other foreign citizens with study visas from bringing their families to the UK starting in January 2024. Consequently, only a limited number of international students studying in the UK will be allowed to bring their partners or children with them, except for PhD applicants who will receive special consideration.

The Canadian government’s proactive approach to family reunification reflects its commitment to creating a supportive environment for immigrants and their families. By streamlining visa processing, introducing dedicated tools, and providing work permits, Canada aims to facilitate the reunification of families and enable immigrants to settle more easily. This policy stands in contrast to the UK’s restrictive measures, emphasizing Canada’s open and inclusive approach to immigration.

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