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Brazilian Gospel Singer dies on stage



Brazilian Gospel Singer Pedro Henrique dies on stage

Brazilian gospel singer Pedro Henrique, aged 30, died on stage during a performance on Wednesday night, stunning attendees and viewers of an online religious event.

The unfortunate incident occurred as Henrique was energetically performing his song ‘Vai Ser Tão Lindo’ at a concert venue in the northeastern city of Feira de Santana. Standing at the edge of the stage, he lost his balance, collapsing suddenly in front of his band.

Witnesses described the shock and immediate response as some attendees rushed to aid the gospel singer while others were left visibly stunned. Henrique was swiftly taken to a nearby clinic, where, regrettably, he was confirmed to have passed away.

Reports from Daily Mail indicated that the singer suffered a massive heart attack during the performance, as disclosed by his record label, Todah Music, in a statement made to Radio 93.

Expressing their grief, Todah Music took to Instagram on Thursday, lamenting the inexplicable loss while emphasizing faith in the higher will.

The label wrote on the gospel singer,

“There are very difficult situations in life, for which we have no explanation. We just need to understand that the will of God prevails! We believe Peter will have a prominent place in the great Heavenly Choir!”

Pedro Henrique leaves behind his wife, Suilan Barreto, and a daughter, Zoe, who was born on October 19.