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Brazil: “One of the worst teams in recent years” — Ronaldinho



Brazil: "One of the worst teams in recent years" -- Ronaldinho

Say what you want about Brazilian players but for football legend, Ronaldinho, he isn’t letting himself to get deceived by this current squad of Brazilian talents.

Former Brazil midfielder and legend, Ronaldinho has unleashed a scathing critique aimed at the Brazil national football team, expressing deep dissatisfaction with the squad’s current state and the administration of the Brazilian Football Federation.

In a passionate and somewhat angry rant, Ronaldinho condemned the quality of players being selected for the national team setup, particularly targeting what he perceives as a decline in standards.

The football icon, renowned for his dazzling skills and contributions to Brazil’s footballing glory in the past, voiced his disappointment with the team’s recent performances and the lack of leadership and passion among the players.

“I’ve had enough. It’s a sad moment for those who love Brazilian football. It’s hard now to find the spirit to watch the games,” Ronaldinho declared in his outburst, reflecting a sentiment shared by many fans of the Seleção.

Critiquing the current squad participating in the Copa América, Ronaldinho did not mince words:

“It’s one of the worst teams in recent years, no respectable leaders, only average players for the majority.”

The former Barcelona star lamented the perceived lack of dedication to the national jersey, emphasizing that the team’s recent displays on the field have been nothing short of disappointing.

“Our performance has been one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, it’s such a shame,” Ronaldinho expressed, highlighting the gravity of his concerns.

Ronaldinho’s comments are expected to stir significant debate within Brazil’s football community.