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Biafran Russian soldier warns Simon Ekpa over image misuse



Biafran Russian soldier warns Simon Ekpa over image misuse

A Biafran Russian soldier has issued a stern warning to Simon Ekpa, urging him to cease using his images and videos for fraudulent activities under the guise of promoting Biafra.

The soldier, identifying as a proud Biafran, expressed dismay at Ekpa’s exploitation of his footage to deceive individuals.

This caution comes amid allegations of Ekpa’s recurrent misuse of images and videos, with previous instances including falsely representing pictures from Ambazonia and Syria as his own.

Ekpa has faced criticism for misleading claims, including purportedly purchasing a warship from North Korea and promising Biafra independence within 150 days.


In response, Simon Ekpa fired back, dismissing the accusations and asserting that he never claimed the soldier to be a member of the BLA.

Ekpa argued that individuals who don Biafra flags and proclaim allegiance to Biafra and Ambazonia are the ones featured in his posts, refuting any association with the soldier’s claims.

He reiterated his stance on dealing with saboteurs hiding under the Biafra movement and challenged the soldier to confront him directly instead of making baseless accusations.

Ekpa also questioned the soldier’s loyalty, pointing out the destruction of his village by Nigerian forces despite his purported fight for Russia.


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