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‘political party owns government’ — Babatunde Fashola



Former Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) stated on Friday that the party owns the government while the political party’s vital role in guaranteeing effective governance.

Fashola made this statement at the Eko Hotels and Suites on Victoria Island in Lagos during a conversation with NAN reporters.

He delivered a speech with the theme “Engaging All for Inclusive Governance: Hands-on for a Greater Lagos Rising” on the fringes of the 18th Lagos State Executive/Legislative Parley.

In addition to improving the relationship between the executive and legislature, according to Fashola, these types of events are crucial for keeping the party informed about current events in politics.

“For this kind of team building, it’s very critical, and it also helps to bring the party into the play because, at the end of the day, it’s the party that owns the government.

“All the politicians must belong to one party, in Nigeria, at least; they campaign on the manifesto of the party.

“If you like, this is a fact-checking exercise or something similar, where the party is conscious or made aware of what the government is doing, what its elected officials are doing, or what they are planning to do for the people on whose behalf they hold authority,” he said.

According to Fashola, elected officials are unable to function alone.

The former Works Minister stated that effective teamwork and communication were essential to democracy’s growth.

“This kind of team building is very important; these kinds of interactions help to demystify each other before each other.”

Fashola stated that these types of events help dismantle preconceived notions and barriers, therefore improving cooperation between the executive and legislative branches.

Fashola urged the administration to reach out to all societal strata to lessen suffering among the populace.

“All layers of government must be exploited and utilised in reaching the people. We must all put our hands around the shoulders of others,” he said.

Speaking as a local, Fashola stated that he expected all who could stand by their brothers during these trying times.

“Some are more blessed than others. We must be our brother’s keeper beyond the month of Ramadan, where we share.

“It must be a way of life now so that the burden is not too difficult for others to bear,” he said.

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