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Approach 2023 elections like you did with #BBNaija – Reno Omokri tells Nigerian youths



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Nigerian human rights activist and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has call on Nigerian youths to approach the 2023 elections like the way they did with BBNaija.


It is so stupid of you to treat your girlfriend as a queen - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri has advised Nigerian youths Nigerian youths to own the 2023 elections like the way they own BBNaija because a winner of BBNaija was determined by them (the voters!).


He has stated that PVC do indeed count that they should not listen the naysayers saying it doesn’t. He also said that rigging can only be possible if there is low turnout of voters, but on the other way round, it is not possible.


Omokri made this statement on his Instagram page where it reads;

“Dear Nigerian youths,

The 2023 elections are almost here. Approach it like you did with #BBNaija. Form teams for your preferred candidate. Spend your money campaigning for them. Broadcast their manifestos to all your contacts. Forget about rice and pay try price for your future. Don’t be BBNaija wise and Aso Rock foolish! You say your PVC does not count. Who told you? Rigging is only successful when there is low voter turnout out. But where there is a high voter turnout, rigging is all but impossible. You waited patiently until the BBNaija phone lines were open for voting. Now, prepare to wait patiently in line, until the PVC machine reads you vote!




In another post, Omokri pointed out if Nigerian youths do not participate in the election and sit back, the wrong candidate will be elected.


He wrote;

“I know there are no naked girls in Nigeria’s elections the way there are in #BBNaija. But believe me when I say that if you sit back and do not participate, the wrong candidate, who will make the treasury naked will be elected to rule YOU! And they will use it to consolidate their naked lust for power. They will protect Buhari, instead of protecting you, leaving you naked and ashamed that you gave your focus to BBNaija, instead of your beloved Naija!




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