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Amagrace – Sound of Victory



Amagrace – Sound of

Gifted Nigerian gospel artist Amagrace has released a brand new single titled “Sound of Victory,” alongside its lyric video. The rock-infused song is a declaration of the victory we have in Christ over sin, addiction, sickness, more.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Amagrace said “Sound of Victory” came when she entered a new phase of life. “God spoke to me after a deep prayer saying; “Can you see the shift in the realm of spirit just for you?”

She added saying, “God has given us the power to overcome all. He has opened doors and gates of cities for his children; He’s given us the power to dominate and to conquer. Rejoice!!!!! The walls of Jericho has fallen! It is time. Sound of victory everywhere!”

AmaGrace is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artist who hails from Abia State.

“Sound of Victory” is available now to download/stream on all major digital platforms (Click here:



Herald of good news
Coming unto me
From the gates of the cities x4
Oh oh gates of the cities

For God has done it all
And the battles he has won x2
Oh oh rejoice!

I hear the sounds of victory all round me
I hear the voice of congratulations
Everywhere I go

Who say he won’t come to your rescue
This is the realm of increased grace
All for the children of the most high God
It’s time!
It’s time! x2

(Repeat Chorus)

Hello hello hello
Can you see the chariots moving
Hello hello hello
Can you see the walls has fallen
Hello hello hello
Can you see the battle has been won
Hello hello hello
Can you see the shift just for you

(Call and response)
Conception – Just for me
Healing – just for me
Promotion – just for me
Peace of mind – just for me
Addiction gone – just for me
Cancer gone – just for me
Diabetics gone yea yea – Just for me
Deliverance – Just for me

(Repeat Chorus)