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Tinder’s paying user base declines again as Hinge sees Growth



Tinder vs Hinge user base

Match Group, the parent company of dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, has released its first-quarter earnings report revealing contrasting trends.

While Tinder’s paying user base declined for the sixth consecutive quarter, Hinge witnessed significant growth.

Tinder saw a 9% decrease in paying users, dropping to 10 million, while Hinge experienced a 31% increase, reaching 1.4 million paying users.

The decline in Tinder’s user base reflects shifting preferences towards more meaningful connections, favouring platforms like Hinge.

Despite efforts to drive revenue through à la carte features, Tinder’s revenue from these features declined by 13% in Q1 2024.

Match Group anticipates further declines in Tinder’s paying users in Q2 but expects signs of improvement in Q3.

The company plans to introduce new à la carte features on Tinder to address user needs.

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