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“We as Nigerians are so quick to turn against our own” — Falz



"We as Nigerians are so quick to turn against our own" -- Falz

Nigerian rapper and activist, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz the Bad Guy, has taken a stand on social media to defend Super Eagles player Alex Iwobi against heavy criticism following the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) final.

Iwobi has faced intense backlash from Nigerians on the internet, with many attributing Nigeria’s loss in the AFCON final to his alleged poor performance on Sunday.

In a show of solidarity with the footballer, Falz condemned cyberbullying and emphasized the sacrifices made by every player who dons the green and white jersey to represent Nigeria on the international stage.

Taking to his Instagram page on Monday evening, Falz shared a picture of Alex Iwobi and expressed his support for the player.

"We as Nigerians are so quick to turn against our own" -- Falz

“We win together, we lose together. Every single player that puts on the green white green to represent us, is making an immense sacrifice and does not deserve to be treated with this much disdain,” he wrote.

Highlighting the prevalence of cyberbullying and its detrimental effects, Falz called for unity and empathy within the Nigerian community.

He urged against turning against one’s own and emphasized the importance of supporting Nigerian athletes, regardless of the outcome of their performances.

“We speak a lot about cyber-bullying but we are so quick to turn against our own. @alexanderiwobi Love you bro! Thank you,” Falz concluded in his post, sending a message of solidarity and appreciation to Iwobi.