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Again, Klopp runs with a Trophy after Penalties



It’s become a sort of déjà vu for Chelsea now, like a myth against Liverpool, never to win the Merseyside club whenever the game gets to penalties. At least under Jurgen Klopp though. And even made more ironic is that Chelsea boss, Thomas Tuchel has never lost on penalties except to Liverpool.

Chelsea fans will always see it as some sort of superstition. First, it was the UEFA Super Cup under Frank Lampard as Chelsea boss, Jurgen Klopp stole the trophy under the noses of the English man, second time, it was the Carabao Cup this season,, under new manager Tuchel.

In those times, Chelsea has had two different managers, and two different owners but same story against Liverpool. If it isn’t a trick, some who dwell in superstition call it a curse.

Chelsea even believed in it, that they even came into the final putting on a different kit; the famed yellow away kit which judging by Chelsea’s history, has them never having lost the FA Cup while in the kit. They wanted the good luck its colors brought them, but somehow, Liverpool had their own magic behind them.

They just knew how to grind it, well at least against Chelsea this season or in penalties if we may.

No doubt, both sides after 2 back to back finals and on penalties, they won’t be eager to face off any time soon. For this season alone, they’ve played 420 minutes in 4 separate games, all of which were draws, with 2 ending in a penalty decider.

Although, we have to consider the awkwardness it has been for Chelsea though. They’ve lost this competition thrice in a row, in consecutive seasons to an Arsenal side that had Aubameyang, and more recent to Leicester City. Liverpool makes it a third in a row, which makes it more heartbreaking as they wore their yellow lucky charm in hopes for a victory.

Sadly, that never came, but kudos to this team though. They aren’t a side to be written off. They gave their all, missed chances that could have taken the game away from Liverpool, but somehow, fate was to be the decider.

This might be a blessing in disguise for the team, or it could be what ultimately leads Tuchel away from the club, but be that as it may, the story is far from being over. How Chelsea takes it from here on out, determines what the team will be remembered for.