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2024 Grammy Award shines with Celine Dion kicking



Celine Dion storms 2024 Grammys with first public appearance

Yes! Celion Dion still stands strong.

At the 2024 Grammys on Sunday, February 4, Canadian singing sensation Celine Dion made a remarkable appearance despite her ongoing battle with the incurable stiff-person syndrome.

The 55-year-old icon, accompanied by her eldest son Rene-Charles Angelil, 23, received a heartwarming reception as she took the stage to present the coveted Album of the Year award to none other than Taylor Swift.

Dion, who looked stunning in a terracotta coat, chiffon dress, and glittering jewelry, expressed her gratitude to the audience, saying,

Celine Dion Stuns Grammys With Surprise Appearance, Presents Best Album

“Thank you, all! I love you right back. You look beautiful. When I say I’m happy to be here, I really mean it from my heart.”

The crowd was all in with cheers and a standing ovation after her speech.

Acknowledging the significance of the Grammy Awards, Dion emphasized the importance of not taking for granted the profound love and joy that music brings to people’s lives globally. Despite her health challenges, she radiated positivity and joy, inspiring the audience with her resilience.

Celine Dion, who had received a Grammy Award 27 years ago from legends Diana Ross and Sting, took a moment to reflect on the enduring impact of music.

‘And now it gives me great joy to present a Grammy Award that two legends Diana Ross and Sting presented to me 27 years ago. These are the outstanding nominees for Album of the Year,’ she announced.

In a historic moment, Dion revealed that Taylor Swift’s acclaimed album “Midnights” had secured the Album of the Year award, marking Swift’s unprecedented fourth win in this category.

The crowd erupted in applause, celebrating Swift’s achievement as the first person to clinch the accolade four times.