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Instagram Is Down!

Popular social media app, Instagram is currently down in most areas around the world – with the app unable to load pictures and displaying an error message.

Users have been greeted with a message saying the app ‘cannot refresh feed’ and desperate addicts who have switched to the PC version aren’t having any luck either. The web version of the app brings up only a “5xx Server Error”. The app is reported to be down for some users across several cities, including Nigeria, London, San Francisco and Singapore.

Facebook and Instagram are yet to say anything about this unusual development.

It’s not clear how widespread the problem is and Instagram has not issued a statement.

It’s not great timing for Instagram’s new boss, Adam Mosseri, a 10-year veteran at the company, who was appointed today. The appointment and incident are coming amid a difficult time for Instagram. The company’s two founders left in recent days amid rumours that it disagreed with Facebook over how the company should be run.

Breathe deeply, people, this too will pass hopefully, and we will keep you updated!

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