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“You have a disgraceful track record of ignoring transparency” – Atiku bashes Tinubu



"You have a disgraceful track record of ignoring transparency" - Atiku bashes Tinubu

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the 2023 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has claimed that President Bola Tinubu’s administration has a track record of disregarding transparency concerns.

According to Atiku, Tinubu’s government allegedly disregards due process in public administration.

In a recent statement on X, the ex Vice President highlighted the ongoing concerns surrounding the $3.3 billion NNPCL loan, suggesting that it reflects potential corruption within Tinubu’s administration.

According to Atiku: “The current federal government has a disgraceful track record of ignoring issues of transparency and due process in public administration.

“The unresolved $3.3 billion NNPCL loan repayment scandal, with Nigeria now expected to repay $12 billion, remains a glaring example.

“The Tinubu administration must address these high-profile corruption cases transparently.

“The National Assembly, as the elected representatives of the people, are constitutionally obligated to legislate for the peace, order, and good governance of our nation, without colluding with corrupt elements.

“Failure to do so and persisting in denial will only confirm the government’s complicity in official malpractice.-AA”

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