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8 Reasons You Won’t Forget This Christmas In A Hurry



8 Reasons You Won’t Forget This Christmas In A Hurry



It all started like every other…

  1. We go still ball, even though we entered the year with recession
  2. And how you planned to shine pass your neighbor
  3. But you know your account balance can only get you this…

    Chicken, kpomo or nothing meat na meat

    4. Non-Christians waiting to eat the fruit of their Ileya labour

    Don’t forget how many meat I gave you last ileya oh

    5. On your way eat at your friend’s place only to realise that our petrol people have started their fuel scarcity nonsense

    Alaye move your car nah

    6. When you decide to enter Danfo and the conductor says Ojota-Ogudu is now #500

    Kuku kee me!

    7. No light and you cannot even fuel your generator because of the queue


    8. And to top it all, ATM refuses to dispense cash after standing for 4 straight hours!

    Is it only me?

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