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Why Nnamdi Kanu was denied freedom by Supreme Court



Why Nnamdi Kanu was denied freedom by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Nigeria delivered a verdict on Friday declining the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the controversial leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), from detention.

Justice Emmanuel Agim, speaking for the court, upheld a decision written by Justice Garba Lawal, which overturned the Court of Appeal’s ruling last October that ordered Kanu’s release and dismissed the terrorism charges against him.

The Supreme Court clarified that despite Kanu’s alleged unlawful removal from Kenya by the Nigerian government, this act did not strip any court of its authority to proceed with his trial.

Justice Lawal emphasized the absence of Nigerian laws cited in the plea for Kanu’s release based solely on the illegal abduction from Kenya.

He suggested that Kanu’s recourse, in such a scenario, would be to file a civil case addressing the alleged abduction, rather than seeking to halt the ongoing criminal trial against him.

Consequently, the apex court directed Nnamdi Kanu to defend himself against the remaining seven counts of terrorism charges levied against him.

However, according to Kanu’s legal counsel, Kanu Agabi, there stands the general believe that the secessionist leader will get his justice in court.

“We had hoped that it would come our way but it has gone the other way. It simply means that we have to go back to the high court and get done with this quickly.

“We still have hope. We are not in despair. We lost a little time, and we have to go back. That is what it means”, he said.

Adding to what the court ruling said, Agabi stated;

“But I’m very consoled with what the Supreme Court said.

“The court said Kanu ought not to have been treated the way he was treated. The court said his bail ought not to have been revoked and his house ought not to have been invaded. So we have hope.”