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“Why I don’t see myself getting married” – Yetunde Bakare spills



“Why I don’t see myself getting married” – Yetunde Bakare spills

Popular Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare has revealed her stance on marriage, explaining why she doesn’t plan to get married despite believing in love.

In a recent interview, the actress expressed her perspective on love and marriage.

Yetunde Bakare firmly believes in the existence of love and acknowledges its ability to bring people together and foster unity. However, she made it clear that marriage is not a path she intends to pursue in her life.

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She mentioned that although she may deeply love someone, she prefers to love from a distance and in isolation rather than being bound to another person through marriage.

Yetunde Bakare emphasized that she holds nothing against those who choose to get married, as she has witnessed her parents’ happiness in their own marriages.

She acknowledged that marriage works for some people but emphasized that it’s not something she envisions for herself.

Watch her speak below;


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