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What I Did When My House Help Slapped My Daughter – Morayo Afolabi-Brown



In a recent episode of Your View on TVC, media personality Morayo Afolabi-Brown shared her experience on how she reacted when her house help slapped her daughter, Elizabeth.

The topic of discussion was ‘Managing Domestic Staff Efficiently’, which sparked various reactions from viewers.

The mother of four recounted how she heard her oldest child crying and upon inquiry, Elizabeth informed her that the house help had slapped her.

Morayo then asked the house help to explain what had happened. The house help explained that Elizabeth was using the iPad at a time when it was not allowed, and despite being told several times to drop the device, she ignored the instructions.

The house help then went out and came back to find Elizabeth still using the iPad.

She collected it from her which made Elizabeth angry, and as she walked out of the room, Elizabeth pushed the door which almost hit the house help’s head on the wall.

The house help then reacted by slapping Elizabeth.

Surprisingly, Morayo commended the house help for her actions, stating that it was the right thing to do at the right time.

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However, some viewers disagreed with her approach, with some arguing that violence should not be used to discipline children.

Many viewers expressed their opinions on the matter, with some condemning the use of violence as a means of disciplining a child.

Lavenderpetalss suggested taking the device off Elizabeth for a week as punishment and adding an additional punishment, such as sweeping the compound daily for a week.

On the other hand, Priincesobola suggested that the house help’s reaction was a reflex and not intentional.

Fawehinmik opined that if the house help had reported the issue to her instead of taking matters into her own hands, she would have received more than just a slap.

Buk2lat stated that she does not condone any form of violence and would not allow her nanny to beat her child. She would instead employ a brain reset punishment for any recalcitrant child.

Joevane_vin suggested that Morayo should have called the house help privately and educated her on the proper ways to discipline a child instead of commending her for slapping Elizabeth.

Mygiftedhandz also highlighted the dangers of retaliation out of anger, citing a personal example of a lady who suffered from eyesight problems due to a similar incident.

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