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We Don’t Want Any Trouble—Ohaneze to Miyetti Allah



We Don’t Want Any Trouble—Ohaneze to Miyetti Allah

The issue of grazing reserves in certain areas or regions of Nigeria have sparked divisive reactions from all over owing to fears of violence, domination and distrust, same sentiments Igbo group, Ohaneze are echoing in their statement to Miyetti Allah; representatives of the cattle herder community within the country.

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide disregarded Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore’s resolutions on the necessity for grazing reserves in the country’s southeast on Monday.

The grazing reserves requested for by Miyetti Allah were referred to by Ohanaeze as a diabolical action aimed at endangering both peace and national security.

The demand, according to Ohanaeze Secretary-General Okechukwu Isiguzoro, is “unreasonable, unrealistic, and the fantasies of daydreamers.”

Isiguzoro said in a statement that the Fulani tribe should observe the Southern governors’ ban on open grazing and cattle movements.

Isiguzoro asserts that:

“Cattle rearing and businesses all over the world remain an individual enterprise and private business like other people who are in businesses of garments, mechanics and food vendors, the use of threats of violence to give conditions for peace shows that the Fulani organizations indirectly indicted themselves for being responsible for the crisis associated with farmers and herders across the country.

“Ndigbo has responded that the perceived demands for 415 grazing reserves across the country have sinister and wicked motives aimed at fuelling the disintegration of the country and land grabbing against the indigenous people is a threat to National Security and Peace, there are no grazing routes and lands for grazing reserves in the southeast, the Southeast Governors ban on the conveyance of cattle by foot is still effective in the southeast, and Miyetti Allah should abide by the decisions of Ndigbo not to accede lands for grazing reserves”.

Isiguzoro responded to calls for the Ministry of Nomadic Affairs to be given authority to provide educational possibilities and handle pastoral concerns saying in quote:

“It’s at the prerogative of the President to do so, but there’s no need for irrational duplications of Ministries, the Ministry of Education and humanitarian affairs are headed by Northerners, if there are challenges with Miyetti Allah, they should seek the help of the two Northern ministers, for now, there’s no reason why there should be a Ministry of Nomadic Affairs or attempts to coax Federal Government to create one.”