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“We are Nigeria’s biggest problem” — Politician confesses



"We are Nigeria's biggest problem" -- Politician confesses

Umar Ganduje, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has confessed to politicians being one of the “biggest problem” when it comes to the conduct of elections in Nigeria’s political terrain.

Ganduje made this statement on Wednesday during a meeting with Hawa Habibu, the director of election and party monitoring for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Addressing the challenges faced by INEC in ensuring smooth elections in Nigeria’s political terrain, the former Kano state governor acknowledged that while insecurity remains a significant concern, politicians also contribute to the complexities of the electoral process.

“I know one of the biggest problems of INEC in conducting elections is insecurity. Everyone will say INEC, but it is the politicians.” he said.

Ganduje emphasized the importance of INEC conducting exercises to assess the viability of political parties, aiding in planning and record-keeping in accordance with the law.

He expressed the view that understanding the rules and regulations of elections is crucial for politicians to operate in a civilized manner.

“In order to understand the rules and regulations of elections and what is required to be a civilized politician, our institutions will be educating our people from time to time so that they can abide by the rules, and it will be digital,” Ganduje stated.

Additionally, he revealed that the APC has directed that party officials at all levels, from wards to local governments, zones, and states, must be readily available to facilitate this educational process.