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Euro 2024: Vitinha shows Referee yellow card



Euro 2024: Vitinha shows Referee yellow card

Football has its funny moments at times and the Euro 2024 quarter-final between Portugal and France was one of those as Vitinha found himself in an ironic situation.

On return from halftime break, Portugal and France found themselves in a tense play that led to some good moments of end to end football before the game was stopped by the referee Michael Oliver.

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However, in a rather awkward moment, Michael Oliver’s attention was called on by Portugal player, Vitinha who proceeded to show the Englishman a yellow. Role reversal it would seem as it drew a few laughs from the TV commentary team.

Euro 2024: Vitinha shows Referee yellow card

The reality though was that the English referee hot on heels to penalize Portugal for a foul on France’s captain, Kylian Mbappe after a corner was taken in France’s penalty area, had lost his yellow card. In humorous style, Vitinha picked it up from the ground and showed it to the premier league referee.

The moment wasn’t a serious one however but a light-hearted moment that released some tension from the play.

In the moment, both sides still held on to a 0-0 scoreline despite impressive play and goal attempts to break the tie.