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Virgil van Dijk on the Prospect of Facing Brazil in World Cup



Virgil van Dijk on the Prospect of Facing Brazil in World Cup

Liverpool defender, Virgil van Dijk speaks on the potential of facing Liverpool teammate, Alisson Becker in the Qatar World Cup following the Brazilian’s impressive form this season for Liverpool.

The World Cup is certainly everyone’s tournament, with both players, fans and pundits looking forward to it despite the alternative narratives behind Qatar being the host of the tournament.

For Virgil van Dijk, it is a tournament that he is most cautious of considering the teams and opposition his Netherland team could face once the competition gets up and running.

During the post match interview following the Southampton victory, the Dutchman took out time to praise his teammate, Alisson Becker and also stated his view of the Brazil team going into the World Cup.

The former Southampton man spoke of his teammate stating:

Virgil van Dijk on the Prospect of Facing Brazil in World Cup

“I said to him, ‘You look like an American guy called John!’,Just a random guy! He sometimes does it, and this was how he prepared himself for the World Cup, but what a guy.

“We have a great relationship and hopefully he will do well in the World Cup.”

On Brazil being a prospect going into the World Cup, Virgil van Dijk remarked:

“Brazil are a very good team, they have two of the best goalies in their squad. In my opinion, the best goalie in the world is Alisson.

“It will be difficult in this form to get past him. If we (the Netherlands) play against him, I will try my best. You shouldn’t take anyone for granted and he has had a very successful last four years,’

“We would certainly never do that. He’s important for the group, on and off the pitch.

“We don’t want him to have to make saves, first and foremost. But he had to do so against Southampton and he was outstanding.”