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UK-bsed Nigerian cosmetic doctor loses licence for sexual harassment



Sexual harassment: Nigerian doctor Oluwafemi Tijion Esho loses licence

A Nigerian cosmetic doctor, Oluwafemi Tijion Esho, based in the United Kingdom, has had his licence to practise revoked after being found guilty of sexually harassing a patient.

Esho, a popular TV cosmetic doctor, faced allegations of demanding sex from a female patient in exchange for a Botox injection. The patient, an OnlyFans model, accused him of inappropriate behaviour, including exchanging “inappropriate” sexual messages on Instagram.

While Esho admitted to an improper emotional relationship with the patient, he denied any physical sexual contact. However, an MPTS (Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service) panel in Manchester ruled otherwise, finding that Esho did have sexual intercourse with the patient at his clinic in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2021 and administered Botox free of charge.

The tribunal also concluded that Esho had told the woman he “could get away with giving her Botox in exchange for sexual services.” Despite Esho’s denial of any vulnerability on the patient’s part due to her profession, the panel found that his overall conduct was sexually motivated.

As a result, the tribunal deemed Esho’s fitness to practise as impaired due to his misconduct and ordered the removal of his name from the medical register.

Esho, who is the founder of the Esho Clinic with locations in London, Liverpool, and Dubai, boasts a roster of celebrity clients.

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