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UK Bans Nigerian health workers from bringing dependents



UK Bans Nigerian health workers from bringing dependents

In a move aimed at curbing migration into the country, the United Kingdom (UK) has announced a ban on health and care workers from Nigeria and other foreign nations from bringing dependents to the UK.

The UK Home Office disclosed this development through its verified social media handle, X (formerly Twitter), on Monday.

According to government sources, the measure is part of a broader strategy to reduce migration, citing concerns that overseas care workers have been bringing approximately 120,000 dependents to the UK annually.

“From today, care workers entering the UK on Health and Care Worker visas can no longer bring dependents. This is part of our plan to deliver the biggest ever cut in migration,” the Home Office announced.

This decision aligns with the proposals set forth by UK Home Secretary, James Cleverly, to introduce new laws aimed at reducing migration. Among these proposals is an increase in the minimum salary criteria for obtaining a skilled worker visa, which currently stands at £26,000. The new threshold is set to rise significantly to £38,700.

UK Bans Nigerian health workers from bringing dependents

Cleverly addressed parliament, suggesting that the previous year’s application of restrictions may have contributed to a projected reduction of 300,000 migrants annually.

However, there are exemptions within the new regulations. Individuals holding health and social care visas will not be subject to the higher wage requirement. Nonetheless, overseas caregivers will no longer be allowed to bring dependents, including partners and children, into the UK.

This means that for a UK citizen marrying a non-UK citizen, the non-UK spouse cannot reside in the UK until they meet the £38,700 earnings threshold.