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UCL 2021/22 Final: Liverpool Will Be Going to Paris



They’ve conquered all of Europe, they’re never gonna stop, they’ll be heading back to Paris, they come from Liverpool!

That’s a rendition of the Allez Allez chant sang by the Anfield crowd on match days detailing their exploits across Europe. And rightly so, they are heading back to Paris, a city where they had once won one of their European cup medals, then against Real Madrid.

Talk about the exploits in Europe, the game that engineered the drive back to the beautiful city was in no way all rosy as the victory of the Semi Final sounded. Their opponent unlike many had believed were no way push overs.

Villarreal came into the game, in their home ground with a purpose; to give a fight and proceed into the Final in Paris ahead of Liverpool, even with a 2-0 deficit back in the first leg at Anfield.

And by putting in a fight, they meant it as the yellow submarine marched into a lead within 3 minutes of play and proceeding to level the score with a second goal before half time to bring the aggregate to a settled score.

By then, the Merseyside club were on their heels, scared, frightened of that evening turning out to be a nightmare. It was. They had started the game the least way possible, registering just 1 shot on target the whole half.

But for a club and a team who had been in such positions before; against Barcelona few seasons ago, the Reds somehow found a way into the game after the scare. Luiz Diaz was subbed in for Diogo Jota in the second half, leading to the first goal in the match being scored by Midfield henchman; Fabinho.

Like with prior seasons, Fabinho Tavares’ goal kick-started the comeback that saw Luiz Diaz scoring a second to keep the scores level and restore the 2 goal cushion from a header that went through the Villarreal’s Goalie’s legs.

The goals didn’t end for the night as Liverpool forward man, Sadio Mane scored the last of the night to leave the score line at 2-3 in favor of the Merseyside club on the night, and 5-2 on aggregate score line.

It was a victory that very much leaves the fans happy across the world, and singing the rendition of Allez Allez Allez again as Paris draw nearer.

It is Liverpool versus whoever comes out of Real Madrid versus Manchester City; another final within a final. Be that as it may, the UEFA Champions League still has a long way to reach an end for the 2021/2022 season.