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Harvard Business School Alumni, David Messan, Felipe Gondin Launch Mentor Africa Project

Africa has the world’s fastest-growing labor force with the passion to succeed but needs jobs growth, capacity, technological innovations and most especially globally-driven mentorship to catch up

With over 54 countries spread across the continents, there are more than 400 million young Africans that form the workforce population and everyday thousands of startups led by young Africans spring up – and what this fast growing population requires to blossom into a global force is mentorship – based –on – global –best practices tailored in a way that promotes shared knowledge, experiences and disruptive innovation.

It is against this backdrop that two HBX – Harvard Business School credential holders, David Messan and Gondin Felipe co-founded Mentor Africa Project (MAP) birthed with the mission to identify exceptional young African leaders and mentoring them to become strategic global leaders with the disruptive mindset, knowledge, experiences and collaborations to transform their lives and communities.

Mentor Africa Project is a global village of mentors committed to grooming young African professionals and startup entrepreneurs to become global leaders through technology and travel. MAP will through the use of technology deploy successful leaders all over the world to help African youth tap into the wealth of knowledge, experiences and collaborative global engagement to succeed in their respective pursuits.

MAP is characterized by diversity of knowledge, experiences, collaborations and best practices driven by an integrative technology and inclusive travel – based programs.

Through the application of technology, mentors comprising of entrepreneurs and workplace professionals who have a significant experiences, specialties and successes are carefully selected across the world to engage in a dedicated online session with assigned mentees with the aim of helping them grow through knowledge, experience sharing and scaling through difficult paths.

The mentoring program has three programs:

MAP Top Speed ​​(three months): weekly online mentoring;

MAP Flight (six months): bi-weekly online mentoring;

MAP Along (twelve months): monthly online mentoring.

The project has a web portal, where mentors and mentees can register and interact with each other. In addition, MAP also has an application for fast video calls and social interactions which will be launched in a couple of months from the official launch taking place on the 1st of August, 2018.

In addition, mentors and mentees are expected to meet annually for a trip and/or immersion, with the goal of exchanging live experiences.

Finally, mentees are selected to manage local communities, promoting meetings and fostering their regions by sharing experience with each other and enhancing the MAP network around the world.

According to Felipe and David, after completing their Disruptive Strategy Program with Professor, Clay Christensen, they saw the need to collaborate to foster development and growth amongst young people in Africa by bringing together members of the HBX community and other successful individuals to support such growth.

For them, it is their commitments to making a whole continent adopt disruptive thinking and strategies to addressing their realities and creating a new future.

To volunteer your time, experiences and knowledge to Africa’s development, register as a mentor on www.mentorafricaproject.com or email MAP, connect@mentorafricaproject.com

To be on the MAP as a mentee, register on the website.



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