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Twitter users call out GTBank, ask to explain unjust bank charges



On Saturday, Twitter users took to their handles to complain about unjust deductions from Guaranty Trust Bank.

The users complained that the charges, which ranged from Short Message Service to Stamp Duty, maintenance charges, among others, remained unexplained by the bank, tagging the bank’s official handles for explanations.

A user, Ajibade Oluwabukunmi, posting screenshots of several SMS charges deducted, between N88 to above N1000 monthly, tweeted, “Why did @gtbank remove 18,628 from my account as SMS alert charge, who did I offend? Please who else is being extorted like this. @gtbank what’s the problem?”

“I woke up to over 20 debit messages from Gtbank, @gtbank @gtbank_help clarify why there are multiple debits. I can’t be the only one suffering this, a user, @OnuohaNneoma, lamented, while posting SMS alerts, which included two different debit alerts for one month, October to November.

@Dhavidote said, “GT bank debit me 5h for maintenance, I need a good lawyer cause I’ll be pressing charges.”

Some others bemoaned how they were being charged from as far back as 2019. A tweep complained about how he received multiple alerts for SMS charges from 2019 to date.

“Guys pls help me. It’s like it’s my turn today with @gtbank. So I woke up to multiple debit alerts for SMS charges from as far back as 2019 for about #4000. I dnt knw what’s happening but I know I need my money back. @gtbank_help This is nt the way to start a new month @cenbank,” the tweep, @Mhiz_QeeZ, posted.

“Dear, @gtbank @gtbank_help, kindly explain why the SMS alerts charges from that past years 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 are just being deducted from my money all at once today, I need to know,” @esty_buss said, posting transaction history dated April 2, but with several SMS charges from 2018 to 2022.

“Please how much is stamp duty and how many times SHOULD a bank charge for stamp duty in one month? Because in the last one week, I’ve been debited for “stamp duty” 4 times. @gtbank_help, @MrOdanz tweeted.

Another tweep lamented how the customer helpline, always wasted time responding to calls, noting that the adverts and song being played on the call were not necessary.

“I honestly think @gtbank and other organisations should understand that contact centre is usually for emergency calls and therefore should have lots of personnel ready to pick up and attend to people. The idea of going through long queues or playing music or adverts is insane,” @urlovepartner said.

Several other tweets under the trend ‘Gtbank’ bemoaned deductions from the bank, which had recently changed its name to Guaranty Trust Holding Company PLC, also known as GTCO PLC.

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