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Lagos GTB ATM theft: N810,000 vanishes from Union Bank account



Lagos GTB ATM theft: Auto dealer's N810k stolen

In a baffling incident, Lagos-based auto dealer Ikechukwu Chukwuonye recounted how N810,000 mysteriously disappeared from his Union Bank account after a failed ATM transaction at a Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) branch.

Chukwuonye told FIJ that the ordeal began on June 12 when he attempted to withdraw N5,000 from an ATM at the GTB branch in Ladipo Spare Parts Market, Mushin, Lagos.

“That Wednesday evening, I visited the GTB branch at Ladipo Market to withdraw some cash for my transport fare home,” Chukwuonye explained. “After inserting my debit card, the machine neither allowed me to proceed with the transaction nor ejected my card.”

A security guard at the branch informed him that the machine had swallowed his card and advised him to contact Union Bank for a replacement. Chukwuonye waited for a while but eventually left the premises when the card was not returned.

N810,000 Gone in Minutes

Lagos GTB ATM theft: Auto dealer's N810k stolen

Union Bank Statement Showing the N810,000 Disappearance

Ten minutes after leaving the GTB branch, Chukwuonye received a shocking debit alert for N800,000, followed by two additional alerts for N5,000 each, totalling N810,000.

“I was shocked and almost fainted. I rushed back to the GTB branch to inform the security guard, but he was no longer there,” Chukwuonye said. “His colleague was unhelpful and aggressive. As I explained, more money was being debited from my account.”

Unable to get assistance from the security guards, Chukwuonye reported the incident to the police but was advised to visit his bank instead.

Suspicious Behavior from Security Guards

When Chukwuonye returned to the GTB branch later, the original security guard had returned but insisted he should not return and instead go straight to Union Bank. The guards’ suspicious behaviour heightened Chukwuonye’s concerns.

“They suggested I return at 6 am, which made no sense and seemed suspicious. I insisted on coming back at 8 am when the bank opened,” Chukwuonye recounted. “Their reaction made me even more suspicious.”

Unhelpful Footage and Manager

The next day, after blocking his debit card at Union Bank, Chukwuonye returned to the GTB branch. The security guards attempted to prevent him from entering. Inside, he was shown a video that he described as meaningless.

“The footage showed someone trying to withdraw cash but did not include crucial moments involving my card and interaction with the security guard,” Chukwuonye said. “They refused to show the relevant parts, which could have helped identify the culprit.”

The branch manager also failed to assist, simply referring Chukwuonye back to his bank.

Seeking Justice

Chukwuonye and his family have been left without money following the incident. He suspects the security guards, particularly Matthew, were involved in the theft.

effort to reach out to GTB’s customer care and electronic fraud units for comment had not received a response at the time of publication.

Chukwuonye continues to seek justice and the return of his stolen funds, urging authorities and the bank to investigate the matter thoroughly.

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